Sunday, February 03, 2008

PLAMO Review 27: MG Strike Freedom Part 2

I finished building my MG Strike Freedom last night while waiting for Gundam Double O Episode 17 to finish loading ^^ I really enjoyed the process, since this is my first Gunpla of the year, and the brilliant design of this MG itself made the process extremely fun ^^

I'll let the photos do the talking this time.


MG_SF_Arm_01_s MG_SF_Arm_02_s

- A few years back, this kind of elbow articulation can only be found on Perfect Grade models ^^
- Although the fingers can be separated for individual movement, I only did so for the left hand. I learned from MG Zaku Ver. 2.0 that individual fingers are harder to control and pose ^^;
- Notice that I didn't panel-line the hands as well - since they are the 'heavy-duty' parts for holding different weapons and performing different actions, I'm worried that the lines might be rubbed off easily.


MG_SF_Leg_01_s MG_SF_Leg_02_s
MG_SF_Leg_03_s MG_SF_Leg_04_s

- Considering the weight of the upper body, Strike Freedom's legs seem really thin to me XD
- The joints are extremely sturdy, and can support the completed model with no problem at all
- Apart for the separated pelvis joints and the sliding thigh armors, Strike Freedom's legs are quite similar to that of Freedom in terms of appearance and assembly.


MG_SF_Body_02_s MG_SF_Body_03_s

- The lock to control Strike Freedom's ability to bend his back (the white part in the first picture) is really a must - the Super Dragoons are just too heavy for the upper body to handle if it uses a ball type joint instead ^^



- Plenty of parts for the head, many of them being very tiny as well.

Complete Inner Frame

MG_SF_InnerFrame_02_s MG_SF_InnerFrame_03_s
MG_SF_InnerFrame_04_s MG_SF_InnerFrame_05_s

- Plenty of PG level details all over the body
- This is the last time I see the complete inner frame of Strike Freedom, since I normally do not take the armors off to look at them again after this.

Super Dragoon

MG_SF_SDragoonUnit1_02_s MG_SF_SDragoonUnit2_02_s
MG_SF_SDragoonUnit1_01_s.1 MG_SF_SDragoonUnit2_01_s
MG_SF_SDragoon_01_s MG_SF_SDragoon_02_s

- As mentioned in Part 1, although the parts for the Super Dragoon are very similar to each others, they are actually different for the mechanism of the wings. If you find the pair of wings hard to assemble later on, you might want to check the joints circled in red above to see if you have mixed up the parts.
- The completed Super Dragoons are really heavy. With that (the weight issue) to be considered, as well as the many advices from other bloggers about the joints, I don't think I'll be playing around with the Super Dragoons a lot, even though the combinational movement ability is cool...
- The wings with the Super Dragoons on look nice, but when they are detached, the wings really look like tree branches to me XD


MG_SF_Weapon_01_s MG_SF_Weapon_02_s

- I really like the beam rifles. They can 'gattai' XD
- The combined beam rifle is quite heavy though, and is hard for one hand to hold even though there is a little lock on the palm for the handle of the rifle to attach onto.

MG_SF_Weapon_03_s MG_SF_Weapon_04_s

- The rail cannons of the waist are also quite fun. They are also the closest connection between this model and MG Freedom.
- I painted the nozzle of the rail cannons to gold for added details


- The beam shield is a bit disappointing though, since the edge of the shield will always hit the shoulders of Strike Freedom unless it's posed in some really exaggerated way.

Completed Model

MG_SF_Completed_01_s MG_SF_Completed_02_s

- The box cover action pose isn't exactly copyable ^^;

The next review will be on the action poses of this model. By then, my Strike Freedom will also get some 'make-ups' with his decals and clear stickers XD

You can have a look at the rest of the photos here.