Saturday, February 16, 2008

PLAMO Review 28: MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0 Part 2

Continued from Part 1, this review looks at the action poses of Char's Zaku II. Apart from the 'lead character', some of his 'friends' will join in as cameos as well ;-)

For the decal, I only applied two this time: the huge Char's insignia and his 'scores' on the battlefield XD, both on the right shoulder shield. Since I know I'll be playing with this model a lot later on, I chose not to apply too much, in fear that some of them might get scratched off or damaged.

MG_Char_Zaku_II_View_01_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_View_02_s
MG_Char_Zaku_II_View_03_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_View_04_s
Since my MG MS-06J uses the 120mm Zaku Machine Gun as his primary weapon, I choose the Zaku Bazooka for Char's Zaku II instead. Apart from being more destructive, it's also the weapon used on the box cover as well.

Overall, there's no difference between Char's Zaku II and MS-06J in terms of articulation. Whatever MS-06J can do, Char's Zaku II can do it as well. This prompts me to believe that between the Mass Productive type and this red version, one's purchase decision very much depends on the color preference and whether you're a fan of Char or not. If you're looking to compare who's better, both of them are equally good.

Since MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 was given so much improvements on its overall design, it's possible to pose Char's Zaku II is some really cool actions. Also, since it's piloted by the famous Red Comet, those extreme action poses seem more credible, as Char was depicted as being a brilliant pilot, and could unleash his Zaku II to be on par with Amuro Ray's Gundam.

MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_01_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_02_s
MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_03_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_04_s
MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_05_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_06_s
Of the three weapons included, I like the Heat Hawk the most. Apart from being light and easy to wield, Char's Zaku II looks more 'fierce' with this close-range weapon (personal preference of course).
* Those who play WarCraft a lot should know my favorite unit already ^^ *

Of course, with two MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 in my possession, there's no way not to ask the first one to come for a few photos too right? XD

Technically, MS-06J shouldn't be following the command of Char's Zaku II since the later specializes in space combat, while MS-06J can only fight on Earth. I must admit that my mind was clouded with this thought all the time when I was taking the pictures, and I was pretty much void of any idea on how those two should interact with each others for some poses.

Let's just pretend it's MS-06F, shall we? =>

"I'll follow you~"

MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_08_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_09_s
"You fire, I fire!"

Anyway, Part 3 of my review will look at the difference between MS-06J and Char's Zaku II. So you'll be seeing the green guy again ^^

Next up is Char's arch-rival, Amuro Ray in his RX-78-2.

The most classic rivalry of all Gundam series?

MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_11_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_12_s
Having beam weaponry doesn't give Gundam the upper hand against Char.

Shoulder spikes attack!!

MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_14_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_15_s
The famous kick of the Universal Century. ^^ I've being looking forward for this kick way before assembling this model.

MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_16_s MG_Char_Zaku_II_Action_17_s

Part 3 - the last piece of the review on MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0 is coming up soon. Just stay tuned ^^