Saturday, February 23, 2008

Edison Chen's Final Resolution

Edison Chen is a regular name we have been seeing in the newspaper for the last three weeks. Even if you're not exactly keen in catching up with the whole story, it's almost impossible to siam (runner away from), given the excessive exposure on the incident by the media everyday.

For those of you with little idea about the whole incident, especially those outside Asia, it's about the circulation of hundreds of sex photos of Edison Chen, a Hong Kong pop star with several famous female artists over the Internet. As more and more of his private photos being uploaded onto the Internet, Edison Chen became a hot topic of conversation during our Chinese New Year visits (not among our parents of course ^^;). I still remember one with my friends:

Friend A: Are those (photos) real?
Friend B: Too many of them, must be real already-lah.
Friend A: Who knows, Photoshop now is CS3 already, very powerful-leh
(sweat drop ^^;)
Friend A: What do you think he (Edison Chen) will do?
Friend B: You mean what he SHOULD do?
Me: He can choose to follow either Chua Soi Lek or Lingam's examples-leh
Friend B: Plead insanity can or not?
(sweat drop ^^;)
Me: I think that's more likely to be the end of the Lingam case...

In the evening two days ago (21 February, Chap Goh Mei), Friend B send me an email with a link and the message, "looks like he chose Chua Soi Lek's way after all..."

If you want to know what Chua Soi Lek and Lingam has to do with Edison Chen, check out this hilarious posting from Kenny Sia.

After a few weeks of remaining in the dark, and a miserable Chinese New Year no doubt, Edison Chen had finally faced the public, and admitted that those photos were his. He also submitted his open apology to the victims of the incident as well as the people of Hong Kong in general, and his decision to leave the Hong Kong Entertainment industry "indefinitely". You can watch his press conference from this link (he spoke in English). Thanks Brother Ah Sim for the link ^^

Images from Xinhuanet.

Exit was Edison Chen's final resolution, but is it the end for this entire incident? I sure hope so. Regardless of whether the whole thing was a setup for Edison Chen; regardless of whether there were some other scandals behind the scenes; regardless of whether the other female artists involved in the case are going to take the same action; regardless of the response from the fans and the society in general; regardless of what Edison Chen will do next, I'm hoping that this entire case will end as soon as possible, for the good of everyone.

But then again, I doubt that myself...