Thursday, February 21, 2008

SD Sangokuden Grunt Units and New Characters

A bit of updates on SD Sangokuden soldier units mentioned some time ago: there are a total of six different units consist of Zakus and GMs in red/yellow/blue which will be bundled in reissued SD kit 300 to 307, one per-kit. Since there's no way of telling which unit in which color you'll get for the SD kit, I wonder how many Liu Bei Gundam, o Shiba-i Sazabi you'll have to buy to collect all those six units ^^; unless the shop owner allows you to open the box to check for the unit and colors you want first.

A single soldier unit is assembled from just nine parts in total (including its weapons). The difference between Zaku and GM is just the face ^^; Check out the construction manual in my previous posting.

As usual, Bandai is smart... ... Luckily I'm not a huge fan of SD Sangokuden ^^;

Apart from the troubles of getting all the six units, the amount of painting is significantly more than the usual SD Sangokuden kits.
Image from Space Diary of the Captain.

Sangokuden GM in action... not exactly ^^;
Image from Toysdaily.

Also, more new characters have been announced to enrich the world of SD Sangokuden ^^

Guan Ping (关平) S Gundam
Image from Toysdaily.

Yuan Shao (袁绍) Bawoo and Tian Feng (田丰) Galluss-J.

Zhou Cang (周仓) Doven Wolf.

Cheng Yu (程昱) Wise Wallaby.
Images from SD Sangokuden Official Site.

A brief introduction of the characters above and others:
* Guan Ping (关平) - Guan Yu's son.
* Yuan Shao (袁绍) - A powerful general who fought against Dong Zhuo (董卓). His forces were eliminated by Cao Cao in the famous Combat of Guan Du (官渡之战).
* Tian Feng (田丰) - Military adviser to Yuan Shao
* Zhou Cang (周仓) - A powerful warrior loyal to Guan Yu.
* Cheng Yu (程昱) - One of the best military advisers who served under Cao Cao.

* Guo Jia (郭嘉) Virsago - One of Cao Cao's military advisers.
* Chao Ren (曹仁) Gundam Leopard - Cao Cao's cousin, a skillful warrior.
* Chao Hong (曹洪) Gundam Airmaster - Cao Cao's cousin, served Cao Cao as a warrior like his brother Chao Ren,
* Xu Zhe (徐庶) GM Sniper - Served as Liu Bei's military adviser before Zhuge Liang came.
* Pang Tong (庞统) Gun-EZ - Like Zhuge Liang, he became one of Liu Bei's military advisers.
* Shima Hui (司馬徽) Guntank - A friend of Pang Tong.
* Lu Su (鲁肃) Rick Dias - A diplomat from the Kingdom of Wu.
* Chai Mao (蔡瑁) Gyan - A powerful marine commander of Cao Cao. Cao Cao was tricked by Zhou Yu in believing that Chai Mao was a traitor in his army, which resulted in Chai Mao's execution. His death is one of the major reasons for Cao Cao's defeat in the Battle of the Chibi (赤壁).
* Chai Zhong (蔡中) R-Jarja - Chai Mao's brother.
* Wei Yan (魏延) Vigna - One of Liu Bei's most famous generals.

I believe the Gundam in the top right portion of the picture above is Guo Jia (郭嘉) Virsago.
Image from Toysdaily.