Monday, February 18, 2008

PLAMO Review 28: MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0 Part 3

This will be the last part of the review on MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0.

Today we'll be looking at the difference between this Zaku II, and its earlier release, MS-06J. Apart from the pictures of the two Zakus, you'll also get to see the comparison between the runners of the two MGs, done by comparing their construction manuals. Personally, I find such comparison to be quite fun, since that will show Bandai's creativity in the design of Zaku II Ver. 2.0 so that they can keep on producing many variations from it in the future (which is what we are seeing right now) with minimal changes needed for the runners and parts.

The backpack armor of MG MS-06J, which is molded in one-piece is not available on Char's version anymore, for it comes with a new and bigger one.

The 'generic' Zeon pilot figures are also removed, replaced by Char's figures on another runner. Also note that the 'bald' helmet for MS-06J is marked with an 'X', i.e. not needed. Char's Zaku II is the commander type, which only uses the helmet fixed with a blade antenna.

MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_13_s MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_14_s
Then again, since the original helmet is given, you can use it on Char's Zaku II for the fun of it XD
On the left is the MSV-type antenna, which is longer, and more complex.

The leg armors for Char's Zaku II are bigger than that of MS-06J, to accommodate the larger inner frame and thrusters. But the part design is actually the same (five pieces of armor for each leg).
The two figures of Char also sit on this runner.

Parts for the bottom of MS-06J's feet (without the thrusters) are missing on Char's version. Amazingly, all the other parts on this set of runner are the same.

Runners I and L contain completely new parts for Char's Zaku II. The earlier packs the new inner frame for the legs and their thrusters, the bottom of the feet and the crane, pretty much all which are missing from the runners mentioned earlier on. Runner L consists of three parts which form the backpack armor.

MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_01_s MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_02_s
Not much difference between the two when viewed from the front, but a very different story for their rear views.

The markings on their shoulder shield are of course different. I made sure the position of the decals applied on Char's Zaku II is the same as that on MS-06J as well, so that they will look balanced when standing side by side, like in this picture.

MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_04_s MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_05_s
MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_06_s MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_07_s
MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_08_s MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_09_s
Five extra thrusters on each of Char's Zaku II's legs and bigger armors separate the Red Comet from its subordinates.

MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_10_s MG_Char_Zaku_Compare_11_s
Small backpack vs big backpack XD
I expect the upcoming MG MS-06F Ver. 2.0 will have a backpack which sits right between the two in terms of size.

3-tube Missile Launcher vs Crane: Both are 'not-quite-useful' things for me, even though the missile launcher can still be consider as a weapon for MS-06J. Then again, they are just to be attached to the legs and fixed there all the time ^^;
The crane should be very useful if I go and get Kotobukiya's Mechanical Bases for my Zaku II, otherwise, it's purely cosmetic XD

That's all for the review on my MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0. Thanks very much for reading and for your support of my blog as well. ^^ I've started working on my next MG, which I'll not uncover at the moment. :)

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