Saturday, February 16, 2008

SHCM-Pro Char's Zaku II & FG Gundam O UPDATED AGAIN

UPDATED: Added pictures of HCM-Pro Gouf Custom.

UPDATED AGAIN: Inserted picture of an assembled FG Gundam O.

These photos of SHCM-Pro Char's Zaku II were up on The Gundam Base Side One since yesterday, but 'thanks' to my slow Internet connection, I wasn't able to update the previous posting on upcoming Gunplas with these new information.

By the way, it's a strange coincidence that I'm also reviewing MG Char's Zaku II at this moment. I'm sure you can see the similarity between the two, especially the articulation and action possible to be performed by both of them. Then again, remember that the SHCM-Pro version is in 1/144 scale o_0

GBS1_Char_ZakuII_01_s GBS1_Char_ZakuII_02_s
GBS1_Char_ZakuII_03_s GBS1_Char_ZakuII_04_s
GBS1_Char_ZakuII_05_s GBS1_Char_ZakuII_06_s
GBS1_Char_ZakuII_07_s GBS1_Char_ZakuII_08_s

HCM-Pro Tieren Ground/Artillery Type

GBS1_Tieren_01_s GBS1_Tieren_02_s
GBS1_Tieren_03_s GBS1_Tieren_04_s

God Keron - Apart from the beam sabers and the cape, an Action Display Base Two is also included! ^^ Super-duper real bargain! ^^ Especially when the price of this bundled God Keron is 4,500 Yen, just 500 Yen more than collecting the five separate Keroro Robo Mk. IIs (they are priced at 800 Yen each, the Action Display Base Two alone is worth 480 Yen).

GBS1_God_Keron_01_s GBS1_God_Keron_02_s
GBS1_God_Keron_03_s GBS1_God_Keron_04_s

You can also have a look at Dark Keroro and Mascot Robo Haro (00 Style) on The Gundam Base Side One.

All images from The Gundam Base Side One.

Finally, a closer look (not exactly ^^;) on Gundam O - since this will not be a merchandise to be sold, I'm afraid we can only "look" at it ^^;


Since it's in FG, I believe this is the colors of Gundam O.
Hmm... a gray Gundam.
Images from Toysdaily.

UPDATED: Added pictures of HCM-Pro Gouf Custom.

HCM-ProGoufCustom_01_s HCM-ProGoufCustom_02_s
Images from Toysdaily.