Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 17

Thrones' Assault

A lot of happenings in this episode, let me just summarize everything in point forms below:
- Secrets on Jupiter
- Meeting of the Meisters
- Setsuna's first kiss
- Haro's brother
- Aeolia Schenberg's true intention
- "You have witnessed too much..."
- Flag Team's casualties

In my opinion, this episode casted doubts about the very existence of the Celestial Beings, not just through the Professor's findings, but how secretive Team Trinity is to the crew of Ptolemaios. It seems to me that Team Trinity knows more about their comrades while the original Meisters are still shadowed by tons of questions regarding the trio. Also, after this episode, I'm pretty certain that both teams will eventually go their own ways, not only because of Team Trinity's operation in this episode, but how the 'people behind the scene' arranges the orders for both teams. Members like Semiragi, Setsuna and Tieria are already in doubt regarding the real identity of Team Trinity.

In terms of action, this is the first week when Exia is in total absence. As the title implies, Gundam Thrones are attacking this time, but instead of the usual awesome fight scenes as seen during Exia and co. in combat, I can't say I enjoy the attack of the Thrones very well. Somehow they lack the motive of armed intervention to end war (even though they claimed to be doing so) as seen from missions executed by the original Meisters.

There are casualties of important people in this episode as well, which I'm very sure will lead to some very important changes in the world's actions against the Gundams in coming episodes.

You can watch this episode on Tudou (with Chinese subtitle).