Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HG GN Arms, FG Exia Rollout Colors & Others

A lot of images of upcoming merchandises this time, including FG Exia in rollout colors which seems to be coming out from nowhere ^^;

HG GN Arms + Gundam Exia

The red title on the top left reads, "weapon for the final battle". The question is, who's Exia's final duel? Ali? or the Team Trinity?
Also, the Japanese text in the picture also mentioned that Exia included for this kit is of special design. I wonder how different it is as compared to the first HG release.

FG Gundam Exia (Rollout Colors)

Worry not, this is a kit that comes with the pre-orders of Gundam 00 DS and not an official mecha in the world of Gundam Double O.
It sure looks like the Exia with Phase Shift Armor off (if he has one) if you ask me XD


Nu Gundam fans can rejoice, the Fin Funnels are included for this HGUC release ^^

Many new technologies and designs for this already awesome kit.
A must-buy for me ^^

MG Nu Gundam Metallic Coating Ver.

We get to see the box cover this time. It looks like a brilliant match with Sazabi.

Speed Grade Zeta and God Gundam

SG_Zeta_promo_s SG_God_promo_s
It looks like Bandai ditched the plastic "candy packages" for RX-78-2 and Wing, and go for box packaging for these two SG releases ^^;

SD Char's Counterattack Set

Some of the earliest SD models re-released as a bundled kit. The price is 3,000 Yen. Want?

SD Destiny vs Strike Freedom set

Another bundled SD release - Bandai sure loves bundling stuff these days. XD Super good news for those who haven't get these two SDs (like me ^^), but for those who do, especially those who purchased their separate releases just recently, well...

SHCM-Pro Char's Zaku II

SHCM-ProCharZaku_01_s SHCM-ProCharZaku_02_s
Except for the display base and weapon rack, this SHCM-Pro looks more like a mini MG Ver 2.0 to me.

HCM-Pro Tieren Ground/Artillery Type

For your information, HCM-Pro Tieren is the first in the series to feature the ability to convert into two different MSs.

HCM-Pro Gouf Custom

Norris Package's ultimate MS in The 08th MS Team is coming in HCM-Pro format. That Gatling Shield is going to be a killer ^^

HMM 1/72 Saber Tiger

Kotobukiya's HMM Zoids series continues with Saber Tiger coming in June at 6,090 Yen. It looks like they improve the articulation of this beast even more as compared to Shield Liger and Command Wolf.

All images from Toysdaily.