Friday, February 22, 2008

Upcoming Revoltech Figures

Some of the upcoming Revoltech figures are extremely wacky XD

All images from Toysdaily.

Among the four, Suzuki (the robot with a cubic head) and Jun (the bunny) are new releases, while Toro (the white cat?) and Kuro (the black cat?) are redesigned with new joints and facial expressions. I remember seeing the first releases of both of them being sometime around June last year, but now, I can only find Toro on HLJ and Hobby Search.

All of them will be available in April at 1,995 Yen each. Instead of individual purchases, I'm sure those who are interested will get the four of them altogether? ^^;

On the other hand, Fraulein, one of the 'factions' in Kaiyodo's Revoltech line will be releasing another beautiful figure. ^^ This time, it's Pocco from Yamashita Shunya Originals. With Revoltech's technology, Pocco is not just gorgeous for display, she is capable of plenty of cool action poses also. ^^

Pocco will be available in early April at 2,477 Yen, and is the most expensive Revoltech figure so far (which is not going to stop her fans from getting her anyway XD).

Image from Hobby Search.