Wednesday, February 06, 2008

MG Zaku Mine Layer, Zaku F Type & Others

Just a quick update consists of more pictures of upcoming Gunplas before the arrival of Chinese New Year. XD

MG Zaku Mine Layer


MG Zaku F Type Ver. 2.0


HCM-Pro GOuf Custom


SD Sangokuden GM and Zaku Soldiers - not sure if this character will be on sales, the information on Toysdaily mentioned that this will be prizes given for the purchase of BB models 300 to 307 instead, which refers to Liu Bei, Kuan Yu and other.


Kotobukiya's Mechanical Chain Base 09 and 10 - Already listed on Hobby Search: 09 and 10. Both of them will be available in June at 1,200 Yen each.

MechanicalBase_09_01_s MechanicalBase_09_02_s
MechanicalBase_09_03_s MechanicalBase_09_04_s
(Above) Mechanical Chain Base 09

MechanicalBase_10_01_s MechanicalBase_10_02_s
MechanicalBase_10_03_s MechanicalBase_10_04_s
(Above) Mechanical Chain Base 10

All images from Toysdaily.