Tuesday, February 05, 2008

FG Gundam O, SHCM-Pro Char's Zaku II & Others

A bit of depressing news about FG Gundam O first ^^;

It looks like you'll need to buy the previously released FG Exia and others with special tag on the box in order to participate in the draw for this FG.
Images from Toysdaily.

No fun-leh like this, Bandai. :(

On the other hand, SHCM-Pro Char's Zaku II is almost ready to be released! ^^

No armor hatches on this SHCM-Pro this time?

I wonder if the mono-eye camera is designed to move together with the head as seen on the MG version.

It seems to me that the display base/weapon rack can combine with the one from SHCM-Pro Gundam.

I bet that the normal type Zaku II is planned for a SHCM-Pro release as well ^^;
Images from Toysdaily.

Folks who are interested to get SD Sangokuden Kakouton Giros should be interested to take a look at its box cover.

This is the heavily painted version. If you're interested to check out the straight assembled version, please read this previous posting.
Images from Toysdaily.

Finally, the complete list of Gundam merchandises for March is as below:

(1) MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver. 2.0
(2) MG Zaku Mine Layer
(3) HG Double O 1/144 GN Arms + Gundam Exia
(4) HG Double O 1/144 Gundam Throne Zwei
(5) HG Double O 1/144 Overflag
(6) HGUC Nu Gundam
(7) G-Generation Char's Counter Attack Set
(8) HG 1/144 Trojan Noiret's Customized Gundam Astray Green Frame
(9) HG 1/144 Leons Graves's Customized Civilian Astray DSSD Custom
(10) SD Gundam Strike Freedom Gundam vs Destiny Gundam
(11) SHCM-Pro MS-06S Char's Zaku II
(12) HCM-Pro Tieren Ground Type
(13) HCM-Pro Gouf Custom
(14) Speed Grade Collection Z Gundam
(15) Speed Grade Collection Gundam

A very busy month for Gundam fans (your wallets actually ^^;) indeed. Remember to plan well and save some of your Ang-pow money XD