Monday, February 04, 2008

Gundam Double O Mecha

Plenty of Gundam Double O mecha scans I found here and there:

Ptolemaios - Now I'm more convinced than ever that GN Arms is part of the container for the four Gundams. That would mean that each Gundam is equipped with a GN Arms.

MS Launch pad on Ptolemaios - It suddenly occur to me that Gundam Double O didn't show as much launch sequence scenes as compared to SEED and even Zeta.
"Kima Yamato, Freedom, ik-ki-mas~" XD

MS Container and Transport Truck - Still remember the truck containing the GN short and long blades for Exia?

Haro - As compared to all the previous Gundam series, Haro in Gundam Double O is far more resourceful and important to their owner.
By the way, do you know that the voice actor for Haro in Gundam Double O also voices for Soma Peries? ^^

DynamesMaintenence_s DynamesGrenade_s
Dynames - A handicapped Dynames ^^; and the GN missiles stored in his 'bow-tie' XD

Dynames's Sniper Rifle - Easily one of my favorite weapons in Gundam Double O so far.

Kyrios's Tail Unit - One of the most common equipments used by Kyrios so far - didn't make it into the Gunpla though.

Kyrios's Beam Sub Machine Gun - In my opinion, Kyrios has the poorest marksmanship among the four Meisters ^^; Maybe it's due to this weapon instead?

Kyrios's Missile Unit - used in Episode 11.

Kyrios_Shield_s Overflag_s.1
Kyrios's Shield & Overflag - The notorious weapon of Kyrios. Overflag's rifle seems like it can be used as a sword as well.

Agurissa - The almighty MA used by Ali, but thanks to Neena, it's gone now ^^;