Monday, February 25, 2008

Revoltech Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann & Others

That's right folks, not the anime's name, but Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as in that ultimate mecha in that series is coming as Revoltech action figure.

RevoltechTengenToppaGurrenLagan_s Revoltech_TTGR_01_s
No word on its release date or price, as we haven't get to see the size of it. o_0 Base on the complexity of its design, I think you shouldn't expect this to be your normal 1,995-Yen-Revoltech.

The definite mecha to be released is Razengan from the series, which I'm sure is one of the many fan-favorites as well. It will be released on June 15 at 1,995 Yen.
Images from Toysdaily.

And of course, Gurren Lagann coming on May 15.
Image from Collection DX.

Also included for future Revoltech releases are:

Everybody's favorite, Yotsuba is coming in Ver. 2.0, with more facial expressions and accessories. Nice ^^
Image from Toysdaily.

Strange-looking rock n' roll star ^^;
Image from Toysdaily.

New Macross mecha! June 15 release, 1,995 Yen
The two images above are from Toysdaily.

Revoltech_Regult_01_s Revoltech_Regult_02_s
Regult Battle Pod, also from Macross.
The first image is from Revoltech's Official Site, the other two beneath it are from Toysdaily.

Street Fighters! It's about time Kaiyodo put their Revoltech technology on these awesome characters. Give me Chunli! XD
The first image is from Revoltech's Official Site, the other two beneath it are from Dengeki Online.

Revoltech_FistofNorthStar_01_s Revoltech_FistofNorthStar_02_s
Revoltech_FistofNorthStar_03_s Revoltech_FistofNorthStar_04_s
Another series planned is Fist of North Star 'Revolution'. Some figures featured some gruesome gory effect parts. O_O Some of them will be available as early as June 1.
Images from Toysdaily.

Next up: the two Revoltech Fraulein figures after Pocco are Haruka Amami and Ami Futami from Idol Master. Haruka's release date is May 1, while Ami is one month later than that.

RevoltechFraulein05_s Revoltech_HarukaAmami_AmiFutami_01_s Revoltech_HarukaAmami_AmiFutami_02_s
The first image on the left is from Revoltech Express, the other two on the right are from Dengeki Online.