Sunday, August 10, 2008

Comic-Con 2008

* Drafted this posting on July 25th but just finished editing just now ^^;

Comic-Con, or San Diego Comic-Con is an annual event showcasing not just comics, but toys, figures, video games, and so on. It's being held in San Diego, California annually without fail since 1970. It's being held from 24th till 27th July this year. Most North American readers would know more about this event than I do ^^

These are the photos from the first day of that event. Very few Gundam or the regular Japanese mecha merchandises were displayed during the event though.

GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam, Psycho Gundam Mk. II and 1/100 Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Ka with G Fighter.

Older MSIAs like Zeta and Wing Zero Custom were being displayed at the Gundam booth.
The promo for MSIA Gundam Double O should be targeted for North American audience who are getting to watch the dubbed version of the series being aired soon, in early November.

ann_comiccon08_02_s ann_comiccon08_03_s
In Action!! OffShoot Lancelot and Burai variations.
Using Japanese information sign cards doesn't look like a very bright idea, does it now Bandai? ^^;

(left) Super Real Heroes Vol.1 Masked Rider Faiz - late March 2008 release, 79,800 Yen O_O
S.I.C. Hero Saga Vol.2 "King of Creation" Another "Shadow Moon" - mid March 2008 release, 39,900 Yen
Both are from Tamashii Nation's "Tamashii Collectors" series.

Another brilliant S.I.C. Tamashii Collectors diorama set. This is Hero Saga Vol.1: "Escape" - February 2007 release, 39,900 Yen
* This is a discontinued item now on HLJ.

(from left) Soul Spec Dragonar with Cavalier - December 2007 release, 8,800 Yen,
Soul of Chogokin Spec Eva-00 - May 2008 release, 6,400 Yen,
Soul of Chogokin Spec Eva-01 - January 2007 release, 6,400 Yen, and
Soul of Chogokin Spec Eva-02 (fell down ^^;) - May 2008 release, 6,500 Yen.

ann_comiccon08_08_s ann_comiccon08_09_s
Gathering of Revoltech across Yamaguchi and Fraulein series.

ann_comiccon08_10_s ann_comiccon08_11_s
Gathering of all the 1/4 scale figures in Bunny suits from the Melancholy of Haruhi:
Mikuru - May 2007 release, 9,333 Yen,
Haruhi - July 2007 release, 9,333 Yen,
Kyon's sister - November 2007 release, 8,800 Yen,
Tsuruya - November 2007 release, 11,238 Yen, and
Yuki - December 2007 release, 11,238 Yen
Max Factory's Figma series is on the top shelves in the second picture, and I couldn't be bothered with the other figures in both photos, sorry ^^;

1/6 RAH Kusanagi Motoko from Ghost in the Shell - October release, 16,800 Yen.

All images from ANN. More images available on Figure Dotcom.

More images on Toysdaily.