Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Toy & Anime Convention Kuching 2008 Part 1

As mentioned yesterday, the first ever big-scale toy and anime convention has finally come to my humble little hometown Kuching. Held in the Spring, there are plenty of figurines, Gunplas, action figures, Transformers, and children's toys, remotes, and even stuffed toys to be seen in this event.

The figurine section features many collections from the folks in Swinburne Anime Club, while many of the Gunplas displayed are from Swinburne Gunpla fans, and that's how I came in. ^^ For me, the Gunpla section is more like a friends' gathering, since one way or the other I know many of the people who contributed their work to be displayed there. So we finally get to see each others' work with our own eyes ^^

Seeing so many figurines and Gunplas on display, and watching the local smile and discuss about them as they look on, which something I only get to see from photos of similar events in other places, West Malaysia and overseas - all happening right before my eyes is really more precious than having my Gunplas displayed in the event.

Damn kam-tong man~ ^^

Photos right away! The Gunpla section first. There are two courts displaying Gunplas - one by Swinburne Gunpla fans, another one featuring work done by the organizers themselves. Each section is close to the different entrance into the Spring.

MG Gundam Ver. OYW versus MG Zaku II (Ver. 1.0), MG GM, Destiny Extreme Blast Mode, 1/100 Astraea, and Astraea Type F done by Eric Bong.

PG Wing Zero Custom.

Gundam Double O models

A few of my humble work: ^^ HGUC Advanced Hazel, MG Acguy, Gundam Ver. OYW, Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0, Strike Noir, and HGUC Gaplant [Hrairoo] Custom.

MG Unicorn (with Double Gatling! Lucky ^^), Crossbone Full Cloth and GN Arms, done by Adrian.

MG Strike and 1/100 Astray Red Frame, modeler info N/A.

HG 1/144 Gundam Wing Endless Waltz series, BB Devil Gundam, MG Freedom done by Lance.

Plenty of BB Senshi Sangokuden models, nicely painted as well. ^^

That BB Senshi Kanpei Gundam in front is done by Royce.

BB Senshi Strike FWS, done by SWATWolf.

GFF Casval's Gundam, 1/144 Alec's Kerberos BuCUE Hound, and many of the BB Gunpla models shown here are from the organizer, which are all available for purchase actually.

There was no display card given by the organizer for showing the modelers' information, which is a real pity actually. Many BB Senshi Sangokuden models there has really nice painting. I was being a bit smart-ass by making my own to be displayed along with my models - something I see other Gunpla events does. If the cards are given, I believe it would be much more justifiable for all the hard work put in by those who brought their models to be displayed in the event.

Also, special thanks to the hard working committees from Swinburne Anime Club for all the effort setting up the Gunpla booth ^^

More photos coming up:
Part 2: Figurines
Part 3: Other items on display and sales.