Friday, August 29, 2008

C3 Limited Rick Dias & Schuzrum Dias

Apart from GFF Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Ka Clear Color Ver. by Bandai, and Prototype Delta Gundam by Studio Reckless mentioned yesterday, another two limited Gundam models to be available at C3 this year is 1/144 resin kits of Rick Dias and Schuzrum Dias, both from Wave.

The height of the completed model is about 17cm tall.

The design of this Rick Dias might seems rather strange to many, as its appearance is not the same as the one in Zeta Gundam. This garage kit is actually based on Mamoru Nagano's design, who is actually the principal designer of the MS. Mamoru Nagano-senshe is most famous for his work in Five Star Stories. Personally, my favorite pick among his work is of course Haman Kahn's Qubeley.

When you think about Rick Dias and Qubeley, you would be able to tell that Mamoru Nagano-senshe's designs don't really seem to belong in the UC world ^^;

RMS-099B Schuzrum Dias is the upgraded version of Rick Dias in ZZ Gundam. Operated by Neo Zeon, this MS didn't really get much screen time in the anime actually.

The height of the completed model is about 23cm tall.

Rick Dias is priced at 18,000 Yen, while Schuzrum Dias is 7,000 Yen more expensive - 25,000 Yen (tax included). Available on August 30th and 31st at C3.

All images from GA Graphic.

On the other hand, Bandai has updated the price for their C3 Limited BB Senshi Knight Gundam Plated Ver. The previous price of 8,000 Yen has now being reduced to 5,000 Yen, according to Bandai Hobbynet.

Also, Chara Hobby's official site also listed FG Gundam RX-78-2 Ecopla (more info. about Ecopla in this previous posting) to be available at this year's event. Not sure about the details of the selling of this kit though.