Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gundams at C3x2008

Some fast updates on Chara Hobby 2008. We look at the Gundam section first:

MG Infinite Justice! It's indeed sharper - look at his V-Fin. ^^

MG Shin Matsunaga's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0. Was wondering if Bandai will release this one as well when Johnny Ridden's Zaku II was announced. No info on its price or release date as yet.

HGUC Geara Doga's prototype on display.

BB Senshi 00 Gundam - November, 630 Yen.

HG GN-XIII - October reelase, price TBA, and
HG Ahead - November release, 1,050 Yen

Robot Damashii Arios Gundam I think.

Robot Damashii GP01Fb - 2009 release

Plated 1/144 Exia - limited item? And MG Strike Freedom Plated Ver.

SDX Knight Gundam and FG Gundam Ecopla ^^

Full list of future Gundam merchandises from Gunota Headlines:
- MG MS-06R-2 Shin Matsunaga's Zaku Ver. 2.0 - currently planned
- 1/100 00 Gundam - November, 2,730 yen
- HG Ahead - November, 1,050 yen
- HG GN-XIII - October
- Robot Damashii Turn X - Winter
- Robot Damashii Seravee Gundam - Winter
- Robot Damashii Gundam Unit 01 Full Vernian - 2009
- S.H. Figuarts Tohofuhai
- BB Senshi 00 Gundam - November, 630 yen
- SDX Knight Gundam (Retsuden Edition) - December (pre-orders begin Sept. 1)

Some non-Gundam merchandises:

1/60 DX Chogokin VF-25F and VF-25S

This should be the 1/72 Transformable VF-25F plamo.

New Guren! I'm not surprised though. ^^; This looks like the In Action!! OffShoot (or the later Robot Damashii) version.

Another OffShoot Burai variation.

1/144 Daizengar.

New Armored Core model: 1/72 White-Glint, and maybe new HMM Zoids model as well?

1/72 Hannibal (PKO Specification) from Patlabor the Movie 2. November release, 4,410 Yen.

All images from Akibahobby DotNet.

More updates soon.