Monday, August 04, 2008

Gunpla Work from Dengeki King of Gundam Modelers

Plenty of awesome Gunpla work from Dengeki King of Gundam Modelers Tournament - I think it's Hong Kong stop. These work are being displayed at the recent ACGHK (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong). Quentin also has a report on this event.

Images and information from arsingsmith's blog, posted on Toysdaily. As mentioned in the forum, information about several work is missing. I'll put in whatever I can find about the these exhibited work, as the modelers who did them truly deserve the credits.

The ultimate of them all:

It's a group entry submitted by Little TomTom ("小TomTom"). Link to their blog or website not available.

That has got to be the most awe inspiring Gunpla work I've ever seen in my whole life. Seriously, can you believe that it's just a diorama?

"China's New Resource Research Center" featuring a four-legged Tieren, done by YAYA.

"Terrifying Vacation", done by Codychanz.

"Nadleeh Armor Bust".

"Six Treasures" (this is just one of them), done by Joanna King.

Dream Lady, also by Joanna King.

"Shin Green Dragon Musha".

"Four-legged Ground Combat Weapon".

"Devil Gundam"

Shiba-I Sazabi with Hieisen

Gunpla work posted here onward are missing information about their names and modeler.

Images, and more on arsingsmith's blog and Toysdaily.