Sunday, August 24, 2008

500 Yen for HG Destiny

A random image for the day:

I didn't really believe it when Q mentioned once that he got his HG 1/144 HG Leon's Arms Astray PMC Custom for 500 Yen only. After a while, I thought, "well, OK, maybe SEED Frame Astray is indeed that bad."

Now I see that the same fate is actually true for many SEED Destiny HGs as well, as seen in the image above. 1/100 Destiny's price dropped from 2,600 Yen to 1,200 Yen, while the HG 1/144 version is now 500 Yen (that's less than one third of its original price!!) Wuhhuh~ ^^;

The discount is probably given for some sales condition, like after more X Yen of purchase in that shop, but the point is, SEED Destiny Gunplas aren't the most popular ones in the market right now. ^^;

Anyone planning to go to Japan can give a me a call ^^

Image from Futaba Imageboard.