Friday, August 08, 2008

Gunpla Work from Hobby Japan September Issue Part 1

All MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 you can ask for ^^.

The main focus this month is of course on MG Gundam Ver. 2.0. It's also the lead character in all hobby magazines for this month's issue.

HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_01_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_02_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_03_s
HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_04_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_05_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_06_s
HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_07_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_08_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_09_s
The first one introduced in the magazine was done by Masaki Tanaka, with his explanation on the steps taken for his work as well. The back of the shield painted in red is being loyal to the anime series.

HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_10_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_11_s
HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_12_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_13_s
The second one, with plenty of decals applied is done by Miyuki Uehara.

HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_14_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_15_s
HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_16_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_17_s
The "Real Type Color" version, done by Hiroyuki Noda.
I remember seeing this version as a GFF release not too long ago.

HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_18_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_19_s
HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_20_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_21_s
RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam, done by Ryu Matsuda.
With the MG line releasing plenty of MSV MSs right now, and it's likely that it's going to continue, we'll probably get this as a future MG release as well.

HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_22_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_23_s
HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_24_s HJ9_1-100_MG_Gundam_25_s
A simple assembled and painted version with tutorials - something folks without airbrush can have a reference at. ^^

All magazine scans from Hobby Japan September Issue.

To be continued...