Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gundam Expo Tokyo 2008 Part 2

All Gunpla for the first report this afternoon, let's have a look at some other goodies at Gundam Expo Tokyo 2008 now ^^

1/10 scale Gundam and a huge One Year War Diorama featuring HGUC GM, Zaku II, Gouf and many others.
With the release of MG Gundam Ver. 2.0, we get to see more "old type" RX-78-2 design. ^^

Huge dioramas featuring the most famous scenes from One Year War.
Gundam doesn't look like he's concentrating in the battle against Zeong XD

1/144 White Base and 1/1 Char's Zaku II's head O_O

Diorama of Nu vs Sazabi.
As you can see, Amuro and Char's rivalry remains the most famous storyline in the history of UC.

1/1 pilot seat for Zeta Gundam. Anyone wants to be Kamille Bidan for a while? ^^

1/10 scale GAT-X series Gundam models from SEED, and Strike Freedom which seems like a straight resemblance of the MG version. It even has the sliding thigh armor feature ^^

1/1 Captain Gundam, and its range of merchandises.

Gundam Double O dioramas. Looks more suited as promo for Gundam Musou instead. ^^;

Eco-pla! ^^ Check for their details in this previous posting.

RAHDX Gundam Archives Neo 1/8 Ramba Ral and Dozle Zabi.

Tamashii Nation's Project BM! Setsuna

Gundam Heroine History SP - 12 cm tall each, all four types. August release, 800 Yen each.
Kihel Heim (from Turn A)'s eyes really give me the creeps ^^;

First reported earlier last month, we now have more images of HGIF Gundam 00 Characters B-Side.

Gundam Heroine History 2, should be available soon.

Megatreashop limited action figure of Lacus Clyne coming soon. 15,000 Yen.

All images from Dengeki PlayStation Online.