Saturday, August 30, 2008

And Heads will Roll!

Actually, it's just my head ^^;

But no thank you... I like where my head is... ^^;

Call it my very own version of 'aftermath' from the recent Toys and Anime Convention Kuching 2008 where I saw Max Factory's 1/8 Haruhi on display at the booth of Swinburne Anime and Manga Society. I started asking around whether I could get one myself, but without much hope actually, since I realized it was released for so long already, and I heard the demand over it was extremely hot. Getting one in Kuching won't be so soon anyway.

But when I found out that there's a local shop that had one for sale a couple of days ago, and it was an first-hand version with the box totally unopened before, I just lost my head and...

Wuhhuh! My first figurine, and my most favorite one as well.

No plan to take her out from the box as yet. Not even planning to open the box too ^^

Figurine collectors might be laughing their heads off seeing how a noob like me handle his first figurine, but really, Ngee Khiong's feeling right now is like

There are many other figurines I like, but Haruhi has always being on my list. Apart from the design, the price is another huge issue. At 3,800 Yen, this Haruhi is perhaps one of the few 'side-line' hobby products I could get my treasury (wallet) to approve, as the priority of this sort of expenditure always goes to Gunpla.

Speaking of my wallet, ...

Not this serious of course ^^;

Of course I didn't make my purchase recklessly. Even with Haruhi purchased, I won't have to go through the life of eat-bread-drink-pipe-water anytime XD. But some items of secondary and tertiary priorities has to be canceled from my list of course. Some older wish list items like God Keron, HGUC Psycho Gundam, HMM 1/72 Saber Tiger,and several others have been pushed further and further down the list. Previously, I planed on getting them before the end of this year. No the date is "TBA" ^^;

Thanks to my finally-faltered resistance towards Haruhi. ^^;

Zaku II and Rick Dom's passion is running wild too XD ...

... maybe a bit too wild there ^^;