Monday, August 11, 2008

HG 1/144 Enact Demo Color Ver. & Others

An early review on the just-released HG 1/144 Enact Demo Color Ver. by Hatena Diary. Personally, I would like to call it Patrick's Enact ^^

I really like the color. ^^ I recall Doven Wolf from ZZ Gundam is another MS with similar color.

Comparison with Ali Al Saachez's Enact.

The Commander Type head looks like it has a cellphone impaled on the top ^^;

Images from Hatena Diary.

I'm sure I know this already, another Enact is coming soon: Ali Al Saachez's PMC Enact Custom Moralia Type, to be available next month. The price is the same as the other two Enacts: 1,000 Yen (without tax).

Moving on to a way bigger Gundam mecha: GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk. II, photo review by Lifezoids.

Action Display Base 1 looks like 2 when it's used for this GFF. XD
I doubt its ability to lift up the figure.

Images from Lifezoids.

The transformation is much more complicated than I expected. The overall sequence is the same as its predecessor, Psycho Gundam, but there are extra gimmicks for the shoulders and front skirt armors, not to mention the awesome details and sharp color. It's well worth the extra 3,000 Yen over Psycho Gundam (10,000 Yen without tax).

I do hope the HGUC version isn't far now...

Moeyo has a review on the upcoming HCM-Pro Tallgeese:

The paint scheme of the shield is actually different from the Gunpla version (which is more than 10 years old now ^^;).

Also, box art for Gundam Jaburo Defense Battle Type:

Most certainly more colorful than all the other HCM-Pro Gundams released so far ^^;

Information about these two HCM-Pros releases:
- Tallgeese - August 21st release, 2,800 Yen (without tax),
- Gundam Jaburo Defense Battle Type - August 28th release, 2,200 Yen (without tax).

Images from Moeyo.