Friday, August 01, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 26 EDITED

Metronome: Miraculous Memory

EDITED: Added new images of Powered Ixa (called "Rising Ixa").

Wrap up for last week's episode, and bye-bye to the Spider Fangire indeed ^^;

This week's episode opens with a few characters who are in trouble with their love ^^;

Mio encounters Bishop again, who told her that she can't escape her destiny. In a meeting with the Spider Fangire later, Bishop gives the order to kill the Queen. Quite a schemer eh?

Rook ruins the moment between Otoya and Maya. Maya is more than interested to find out the meaning of love.

Mio encounters a 'traitorous' Fangire who recognizes her as the Queen. While she is kind enough to let them go, the Bishop is not as forgiving as her.

Otoya plays his violin to Maya, while his son does the same for an injured Mio. Got to love the editing here ^^

Otoya remembers his promise to the her love about the sea, and the two 'Yuri' get to meet each other.

The Spider Fangire is about to carry out his order, watched on by the Bishop who is more interested to see if the situation can unleash Mio's true power as the Queen. (As expected) Megumi and Keisuke come to her rescue.

The Spider Fangire tries out the Ixa System!! What an insult. ^^; Looks like everyone can use the system. No wonder Shima mentioned that it needs a power-up soon XD

Yuri gets to talk to Maya briefly before saving Otoya from drowning in the sea. He was looking for a ring in the sea just now(is it Jiro's ring he thrown into the water back in Episode 22?).

Megumi manages to retrieve the Ixa Knuckle and belt with a little trick...

...and it's all retribution from Keisuke. Ouch! The escaped Fangire releases his frustration on Wataru instead.

Not a good idea actually, the Queen is mad now ^^;
After escaping again, Spidey bumps into Kiva. Oops, end of the road mate ^^

Emperor Kiva summons Garulu Saber with Tatsulot, and settled the business with the Spider Fangire once and for all.

Keisuke who is out-of-favor of Shima, returns the Ixa Knuckle to him. But the later asks him to keep it and use it to its true potential. It seems like an answer Keisuke is anticipating of?

The Spider Fangire survives the Garulu Saber, but his luck finally runs out this episode, as he becomes Mio's first victim, for falling in love with Megumi. A one-sided love is not tolerated as well it seems ^^;

Well, that's all for the Spider Fangire, the longest surviving Fangire in the series so far. He is the first Fangire actually, and survived many fights with Kiva, Ixa, and even against Jiro back in 1986. His death at the hand of Mio darkens the atmosphere of the series, as she starts to realize her power as the Queen, as well as her 'responsibilities'. At the same time, the relationship between her and Wataru just gets harder I suppose.

On the other hand, Maya's 'research' just finishes this week. Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed. ^^; Otoya losing his memory an Maya pretending to be Yuri is quite can be a very interesting plot line to be developed upon, with Yuri fighting for Otoya to remember, and maybe Jiro coming in to complicate the situation. But everything is settled within this week, and Otoya is now back to Yuri (the real one) again.

Bishop is another intriguing character as the series progress. He gets to show his power this week. I wonder what he'll do as his role in 'awakening' the Queen can be considered done at the end of this episode. We haven't see his Fangire form too.

Also, we've been promised about Ixa's Power-up since last week. It's definitely coming next week. But there's n resolution between Kiva and Ixa so far, so I wonder if we're going to get Emperor Kiva fighting Powered Ixa sometime in the future. That's going to be extremely interesting, but so far the series has yet to introduce the major plot of the Fangire, especially the Checkmate Four. I highly doubt that it's going to be just these one-on-one battle like how it has been all this while until the very end. Some major battle is likely to take place, but so far I've not seen any point leading to that yet.

Preview for next week's episode, 80's: Angry Rising Blue.

Keisuke's magnificent adventure back in time, and Ixa Power-up!!

Like last week, the preview is between two separate promos. The first one, done by our friends from Kamen Rider Den-O again is for Engine Sentai Go-onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! Gekij┼ŹBang!!. This movie is set to premier on the same day (August 9th) as the movie version of Kamen Rider Kiva. I will talk about this soon as well.

Kamen Rider Rei makes a surprise appearance at the end of the clip.

The second one is more teasers for Kamen Rider Kiva: The King of Hell Castle. Last week it was more about Kamen Rider Rei, Kamen Rei Ark gets his shot this time.

The girl with a big appetite is Gal Sone. She will play a Medusa-like villain named Sayaka.

EDITED: Rising Ixa!!

Looks really good ^^
Images from Toysdaily.