Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gundam Double O PS2 Game - Gundam Meisters

Normally I don't talk about video games, even though there are many Gundam titles available all this while. I've never played PS2 before (shock?! O_O) and of course, know nothing about its controls of course, and I hate reporting something I know nothing of.

Anyway, some of the screen shots from the upcoming Gundam Double O PS2 title "Gundam Meisters" look really cool ^^

Lockon will eventually appear with an eye patch in the game?

Dynames gets to launch his Trans-Am mode - something we don't get to see in the anime.

Virtue'll probably my favorite unit in the game, since I would really love to feel that mass destructive ability of his GN Bazooka, but I believe I'll run out of energy before hitting anyone XD

Animated cut scenes from the game:

Kyrios vs. Ali's Enact, and Virtue vs. Graham Aker's Overflag!

Images from Gpara Dotcom.

"Gundam Meisters" will be available on October 16th, at 6,800 Yen (inclusive of tax).