Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MG Zaku Cannon, HGUC Kampfer, SCM Gundam & Zaku II

Reviews on a few recent Gundam merchandises spotted on various sites:

MG Zaku Cannon, by Yuki_Bune.

Price from Hobby Search: 4,500 Yen.

Now that I get to see an assembled version, the colors are starting to look appealing to me. ^^ It's obviously another Zaku II Ver. 2.0 variation, but its appearance definitely has the widest gap of connection with its predecessor in the line so far. But the best part is that its flexibility has not be hindered despite having the backpack cannon and machine guns mounted on its waist.

I will probably pick this up if I can fulfill my other top prioritized items first ^^

Images from Yuki_Bune.

HGUC Kampfer, by Cagalli-bi.

Price from Hobby Search: 1,800 Yen.

Appearance wise, not much difference with its MG equivalence, but there's a bit of details lacking of course, given that it's the downsized version. For example, the beam saber storage racks in its hips are fixed, and only the shoulder and chest thrusters are molded in yellow parts. The rest, big or small, all require painting, and that's close to 20 spots mind you. ^^; I'm thinking to painting gold for these parts, just as how Cagalli-bi did his ^^

Articulation and flexibility wise, I think it'll be much better though, as small in size makes it easier to pose, and with the improvement in Bandai's Gunpla technology, no doubt the joints are stronger now. I also love the new Chain Mines. ^^ The MG version uses the same tiny wire to connect the mines, which seems significantly weak as compared to the same used for the HGUC release, and the string seems to strong enough to hold the mines in mid-air now (last picture above). ^^

Images from Cagalli-bi.

Banpresto's SCM Gundam and Zaku II, by Climax F.

Price from HLJ: 1,450 Yen each.

Totally awesome, I'm speechless. O_O ...

... The rest of my comment here XD

Images from Climax F.