Friday, August 22, 2008

Gundam 00!!! Gattai!!!!

Frankly, my head is filled with all sort of crazy ideas about Selavii's backpack after seeing the Gundam head-like design this afternoon. Now we have at least two bigger images, and it's pretty much confirmed (to me) that it's indeed a huge Gundam head. How is it supposed to be used is currently unknown though, but gattai with the other Gundams is the obvious answer at the moment.

More and more surprises coming from Gundam Double O Season Two eh? Lasse being alive was the latest one, in before the huge Gundam head revealed behind Selavii's backpack. I don't know if I can handle anymore surprises XD

The HG prototype on the left even shows the neck, and the fold-out V fin! Wuhhuh~

Gunpla and other product's information in this month's issue:

Click on the images for larger view.

MG Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Zaku II - September release, 4,725 Yen (with tax).

MG Infinite Justice's development sketches. The head design looks really cool ^^
October release, 5,250 Yen (with tax - the highest priced MG SEED/SEED Destiny so far).

HG 1/144 00 Gundam - the thigh joint is indeed made up of two parts!!
A MG joint design passed on to the 1/100 scale series, and now to the HG line, and the price is 1,000 Yen. Wow!
September 24th release, 1,050 Yen (with tax).

HG Ahead, and HG GN-XIII. Price and release date TBA.

1/100 Exia EXF "Trans-Am" Mode - August 30th, 5,250 Yen (with tax)
HG 1/144 GN Arms Type D - September release, 6,300 Yen (with tax)
HG 1/144 Ali Al Saachez's AEU Enact Moralia Custom - September release, 1,050 Yen (with tax)
And new Musha Robo for Kururu Barber Surgeon. I wonder how he's going to join in the gattai of Keroro and Tamama ^^

GFF Metal Composite Zeta Plus

BB Senshi Sangokuden Chouryou Gelgoog - September release, 630 Yen.

BB Senshi Shuuyu Hyaku-Shiki - October release, 630 Yen.
Looks like Shuuyu will have an extra cannon included. No change in the price though.

Speaking of Sangokuden, two new characters from Cao Cao's camp has been revealed: Chai Mao Agguguy, and Huang Zhu Zogok

1/72 Transformable VF-25F Alto's Unit - September release, 4,725 Yen (with tax).
It's funny to see that the head's colors are molded, while the entire body of the fighter uses sticker/decal. ^^ But I deeply appreciate that. The transformation is going to be quite complicated for sure.

Robot Damashii Gawain - still no info. on its release date and price.
Beneath it seems to be the few Burai variations to be released as continuation of the In Action!! OffShoot series.

Soul of Chogokin Daizengar (also comes with a transformable Aussenseiter) - release date and price TBA.
Also, Transformers Alternity Convoy featuring Nissan GT-R - January 2009 release, 4,725 Yen.

S.I.C. Zeronos & Deneb Imagin - December release, 7,140 Yen.

New Figma figures! No idea who they are (don't kill me figurine fans, XD I'm a totally noob in the figurine line ^^;

Mecha settings for the all four Gundams, and new MSs from the enemy's camp.
Cherudim has plenty of shoulder/knee plates mounted on his rear waist armor, and Arios's MA mode looks way more natural than Kyrios for me. ^^

More info from Gunota Headlines:

Ptolemaios 2
"Celestial Being's new mothership. Though the previous Ptolemaios was basically unarmed, the Ptolemaios 2 seems to be equipped with weapons everywhere."

GNX-704T Ahead
"Arrows' latest main model mobile suit. It's form and armament are derived from the GN-X, a characteristic that can be seen in the drive on its back."

"A unit deployed as the main MS of the Earth Federation army that includes improvements to the model brought about 4 years prior by the guardians."
Armament: GN Lance (a lance with a built-in rifle used for shooting and assault)

From another hobby magazine, new Gundam in SEED Frame Astray: Sumbullet Raigo Gundam

I don't mean to be harsh, but did nobody told Okawara-senshe than Raigo's design is just not appealing to the fans for anymore upgrades or color variation? Or maybe I'm the only one with such thought? ^^;

Images from Toysdaily and SRW Hotnews.