Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gundam Double O Season Two New Trailer

Was really busy last night and totally missed this. :( Many have seen this already I suppose.

Video clip from Youtube. Follow this link to Youtube if you can't see anything.

Some really cool stuff as seen in the new trailer (lousy screenshot from the FLV version):

Celestial Beings's new pilot suit - look less interesting as compared to Season 1 to me ^^;

Saji uncovers Setsuna's true identity?

Seravee's new bazooka! And V fin on its backpack?

Red GN-X versus Tieren Space Type, and new Enact?

New Celestial Beings' carrier has the same tail design as the original Ptolemaios?

Sumeragi is with Billy now?

Masked Graham's weird costume XD