Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I don't Talk to People who don't have Robot Spirit

From Gunota Headlines, it seems that the title above was a line from Master Hajime Katoki once. Who could have imagined that it would actually sparkle the birth of a new merchandise line from Bandai. ^^

The official site is up as well.

Bandai officially announced today that the new line mentioned will be called "Robot Damashii" (Robot Spirits). The figures to be released will be 12cm in height, and are made of PVC with POM joints. POM is strong plastic, and is able to resist temperature changes well, yet flexible at the same time (read more about POM from this link). Anyway, it seems that Bandai will be combining the MSIA and In Action!! OffShoot series into this new series. The difference as compared to the old product line is that 3D modeling is used for designing the figures (means the previous MSIA figures are designed by hand drawn sketches? awesomely unbelievable o_O)

The first batch of releases will include three Gundams from Gundam Double O Season Two and GN Flag. However, there are a total of four mecha series included for future releases, including Macross F, Code Geass, and Eureka Seven.

Release No. 1: 00 Gundam - October, 2,625 Yen
* The shield reveals a new feature - sliding ability.

Arios Gundam - October, 2,625 Yen

GN Flag - November, 2,310 Yen

Cherudim Gundam - November, 2,940 Yen
Seravee Gundam - Release date and price TBA.

Turn X - Release date and price TBA.

Code Geass figures - most of them are for display only, at the moment.

Gawain - Winter release,
Shinkiro - no info.

Guren Type-02 Flight Type - Winter release,
Zangetsu - no info.

The lone representatives from Macross Frontier and Eureka Seven ^^;

VF-25 and Nirvash Type Zero - no info.

It's kind of sad to hear that the MSIA line will be gone, but I suppose Bandai must have thought through a great deal of issues before making this decision, especially about its popularity nowadays. ^^; It probably means that the Extended MSIA line will be over as well.

All images from Akiba Hobby.