Thursday, August 07, 2008

Robot Damashii 00 Gundam & Others EDITED

EDITED: New images and info of SD Exia and HG 1/144 Enact Demo Color Ver.

Internet connection has been really bad for me recently, for a few nights I couldn't get my blog loaded completely. ^^; Things only worked out in the morning and afternoon, which is the time I'm using to blog now. So if you find that I'm not replying the comments, it doesn't mean that I don't want to do so, but because I have been looking at the comment section like the following one for a few nights already.

That was really boring. ^^;

So sorry if you find that the postings recently had been quite short in terms of the text, I had to make use of the time I had to do as many things I could with the Internet still running. I'll be scheduling many postings to be available during the night as well, so that you'll get to read something new even if I don't get the chance to post anything. ^^

Anyway, back to the usual Gundam stuff. XD

A few official images of future Robot Damashii releases:

00 Gundam - October, 2,625 Yen

Arios Gundam - October, 2,625 Yen

Cherudim Gundam - November, 2,940 Yen

GN Flag - November, 2,310 Yen

Images from Amiami.

Also, from Gunota Headlines, introduction, or rather re-introduction of a few characters in Gundam Double O Season 2. There's a surprise for all Gundam Double O fans ^^

Saji Crossroad - Saji, who was affected the most by the resulting strife caused by the Gundams, overcame various hardships in his grieving youth to become an adult. He works in space development, continuing to wait for another meeting with Louise. When will he achieve his dreams?

Feldt Grace - Escaping in an assault container with Sumeragi and Ian, she concentrates the life saved by Chris into the resurrection of Celestial Being. Though she was rarely emotional as a young person associating with people before, the 4 years span of time has largely matured her human nature.

Ian Vashti - Boarded an assault container in the decisive battle with the UN Forces and narrowly escaped. Afterwards, he began development of a new Gundam, the 00, at the request of Wang Liu Mei. Serves as an engineer in the resurrection of Celestial Being.

Mileina Vashti - Ian's daughter. A 14-year-old girl with innocence to spare but who participates in the reborn Celestial Being. She is an operator but as she exhibits her father's genius, she is also active as a mechanic.

Lasse Aeon - Went missing with the downed GN Arms during the decisive battle with Alejandro. But he miraculously turned up alive and returned to the reborn Celestial Being. After Lichtendahl's death, he is in charge on the bridge of not only the gunning but as the helmsman as well.

Click for larger view. Images from Toysdaily.


SD Exia - the GN Drive on its back can be turned! Not sure what's the exact function though ^^;

Out already on Hobby Search ^^

Very nice design for the parts for the shoulders - no more parting line on top of the parts ^^

Reverse the clear piece in the GN Drive and get Trans-Am mode instantly ^^
But the clear part on the back would still be in clear green if you color it ^^;
Images from Hobby Search.

HG 1/144 Enact Demo Color Ver.
Now I realize it that there were three HG Flags (Union Flag, Graham's Overflag, Overflag), now the same will go for Enact as well (Ali's Enact Agrissa Type, Enact Demo, Ali's Enact Moralia Type). ^^;

Images from Bandai-Hobby Dotnet.

Another just released BB Senshi model is the much anticipated Ryoumou Dijeh & Kannei Kampfer Gou Assault Marine Set.

Kannei's weapon can transform into a shark. ^^ Very creative.

The soldier units has only two parts of front and back each.
Plenty of paint job ahead, Sangokuden fans ^^;

Images from Hobby Search.