Saturday, August 16, 2008

Robot Damashii, I Challenge You!

I used to read on forums about how the drop in MSIA's popularity after Bandai's GFF and HCM-Pro series started. In terms of details, GFF is definitely ahead, and in terms of articulation, HCM-Pro is better. While the prices for both lines are relatively higher than MSIA, and that most Gundam merchandises nowadays are quite expensive, I suppose price is not much of an issue nowadays.

Some MSIA are quite expensive as well, especially the recent ones, like Hazel Custom (2,500 Yen), Throne Eins (3,000 Yen) and the upcoming Nadleeh (2,500 Yen). I really miss the days when MSIAs rarely exceed 1,500 Yen. ^^;

MSIA's competitors are not limited to just Bandai's expanding product lines. When it comes to pricing, MSIA definitely lose to Banpresto's Special Creative Model (SCM) series. Have a look at what the upcoming Gundam and Zaku can offer:

SCM Gundam and Zaku II - 12 cm tall each. Late August release, 1,450 Yen each.
Image from Banpresto Gaming Goods.

One Year War Ballet XD

One Year War Wrestling XD

So, with Bandai announcing their new Robot Damashii line, I wonder how much it can exceed the MSIA line, and how it fairs against these SCM figures.

Images from Gundam Dot Info.

Speaking of Banpresto's prize item, here's one funny one: Zaku Head Speaker XD

Release date is late August, no information of the price given.

Zaku II is indeed quite talented eh? Ballet dancing, wrestling, and now singing as well. ^^