Saturday, August 09, 2008

HG 00 Gundam, Chara Hobby 2008 Limited Gunpla & Others

More images, including its box art are been released to us, as if its release date is just tomorrow. ^^;

00 Gundam aside, I think Celestial Beings' new carrier look way cooler than Ptolemaios. ^^

Images from Hobbyist-inc Dotcom.

Additional images from Amazon Japan.

September release, unbeatable articulation and details, at an unbeatable price of 1,000 Yen (without tax). It's 200 Yen cheaper than Exia.

Also, Bandai has announced their limited Gunpla to be available at this year's Chara Hobby:

1/60 Gundam Exia Clear Color (Trans Am Mode) - 4,500 Yen
PG Zaku II + Weapons (Animation Color Version) - 14,000 Yen
MG G3 Gundam Ver. One Year War 0079 - 3,200 Yen

BB Senshi DX Versal Knight Gundam (Full Color Plated Version) - 8,000 Yen
1/35 Mechanic Collection Guren Mk-II (Full Color Plated Version) - 3,800 Yen
Images from Bandai Hobbysite.

I really feel like crying after looking at the list. Why? Bandai, why? Why do you have to put G3 Gundam as an event-limited Gunpla? With RX-78-2 getting its redesign and re-release so many times now, the first G3 after 12 years is an event-limited one? It's depressingly unfair for fans like me T___T

PG Zaku II Full Arms ver. is another great buy. The first PG Zaku II's armament list is so poor it only includes the machine gun and Heat Hawk. Folks who want all the weapons will have to purchase two separate option part kits, which I believe are out of production since a long time ago. So, this PG will allow you to have all the weapons in a single kit.

And it's an event-limited kit as well! >_<

On the other hand, I've lost any interest to even say anything about that plated Guren Type-02 XD

Finally, two fast reviews of just-released Gunplas: HGUC Kampfer and BB Senshi Exia, both done by Himukai@Moe-nifty.

As expected of Kampfer, every pose is a killer pose. I wish it will arrive soon in Kuching T_T

Clearly everyone's favorite, Cagalli-bi and Yuki_bune also did reviews on this HGUC kit.

Plenty of painting is needed indeed if you're thinking of getting the exact Exia paint scheme. Parts like totally white beam saber, totally blue GN Blades don't really look that good eh? ^^;

If this is a "strictly" straight assembled Gunpla, then it seems that the GN Drive is molded in clear green part. Definitely not a color you get to see in many models ^^

Images from Himukai@Moe-nifty.