Friday, August 01, 2008

HG Ali's Enact Again!

Promo for Bandai's September Gunpla list revealed items that would probably raise the eyebrows of many fans^^;

HG 1/144 GN Arms Type D - 6,300 Yen
HG 1/144 Ali Al Saachez's Enact Moralia Custom - 1,050 Yen

Ali's Enact again? And this time in its original color too! Many (me included) probably believed that the previous Agrissa Custom Type was the one between the two color variations to be released, and I believe many fell for that too ('fell for it' as in purchasing the red version thinking that this blue one will not be released anymore). In fact, I almost fell for it too but I was saved because Agrissa Custom Type haven't arrived here in Kuching.

No big deal if you're interested in the red version, but for me and the others who like this blue version more (because it totally owned Exia in its debut combat in Moralia), yes it does matter. With probably no changes in its equipments what-so-ever, I think this can be considered one of the most classic examples of Bandai's Gunpla milking scheme so far :(

Other merchandises listed:

MG Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Zaku II - 4,725 Yen
Two bazookas, no part-swapping indeed. ^^

BB Senshi Sangokuden Chouryou Gelgoog - 630 Yen
Like Sazabi, a refined SD Gelgoog plamo in don't-know-how-many years ^^;

Tamama Foot Soldier Musha Robo - 840 Yen
Have his own two modes and two different gattai modes with Musha Keroro Robo as well. Almost too sophisticated as a plamo meant for the kiddies eh?

1/72 Transformable VF-25F Alto's Unit - 4,725 Yen
Finally, the release date has been set! Macross Frontier fans take note: September is the month ^^
I'll wait for VF-25S Ozma Lee's Armored Pack instead, probably a very long wait, but 4,500 Yen for Alto's Unit isn't a 'doesn't-matter-just-buy-it' price tag ^^;

1/20 Scopedog Pailsen Files Ver. - 5,775 Yen
Scopedog again?! How daring for Bandai to put a comparison with its previous release as well ^^;

Someone commented that September is a boring month for Gunpla fans in a previous posting. I think I can agree to that now. If you're not interested in yet another MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 variation, and Alto's VF-25F isn't your cup of tea as well, then indeed, there's very few item to be put on your list indeed ^^;

Look on the bright side, September can be a time for your wallet to "grow" again before the next hunt right? XD

All images from Hobby Search.