Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gunpla Work from Hobby Japan September Issue Part 2

... Continued from Part 1

Gunpla work other than MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 variations posted yesterday, which are all from Gundam Double O and one BB Senshi Sangokuden model.

HJ9_1-100_Avalanche_01_s HJ9_1-100_Avalanche_02_s HJ9_1-100_Avalanche_03_s
1/100 Avalanche Exia - done with Gundam Marker Gundam Double O Set, and can spray for the weapon.

HJ9_1-144_GNFlag_01_s HJ9_1-144_GNFlag_02_s
HJ9_1-144_GNFlag_03_s HJ9_1-144_GNFlag_04_s
1/100 Overflag mod. GN Flag, done by ROKU.
Come on Bandai, release this already XD

HJ9_1-144_GNX_01_s HJ9_1-144_GNX_02_s HJ9_1-144_GNX_03_s
1/144 GN-X, done by Hiroshi Sarai.
Not much modification actually, meaning the kit is already splendid with by assembled straight from the box? ^^

HJ9_1-144_Virtue_01_s HJ9_1-144_Virtue_02_s
HJ9_1-144_Virtue_03_s HJ9_1-144_Virtue_04_s
FG Gundam Virtue & HG 1/144 Exia mod. Gundam Virtue, done by Seira Masuo.
It's Exia hiding beneath Virtue's armors! Now that's a very brilliant idea XD

HJ9_Sango_Chooun_01_s HJ9_Sango_Chooun_02_s
HJ9_Sango_Chooun_03_s HJ9_Sango_Chooun_04_s
BB Senshi Chooun Gundam with Hieisen, done by Masaki Susuki.
Plenty of custom expression created ^^

All magazine scans from Hobby Japan September Issue.