Friday, August 22, 2008

MG Zaku Cannon & Others

Hot news from Gunota Headlines regarding upcoming Gundam merchandises:
- HG Ahead
- GFF Metal Composite Zeta Plus (red & blue versions)

Gundam Double O Season 2 mecha lineart. Separated shield mounted on 00 Gundam's GN Drives, and is that a huge Gundam head on Selavii's backpack?! (Need to confirm this for sure!)

Continuation of 00V: GNX-604T Advanced GN-X, love the head antenna ^^

Images above are from SRW Hotnews.

Next up: not very new Gunpla news anymore ^^;

MG Zaku Cannon is now available! The reused inner frame from MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 with upgrades have been revealed to fans in many previous promos, but there still more surprises to be discovered in the actual content of this kit itself ^^

Very funny marking - a penguin mounted with Zaku Cannon's head. Also, the clear part protecting the camera eye shows that Zaku Cannon line of view is 360 degree! Too bad the model's own camera eye can only manage (turn to) half of that radius.

While the pilot cockpit maintains the same "seat-switching" ability, the way to open the cockpit hatch is quite unique for this model.

The red "line" on the shoulder shield is indeed from a separately molded red part. Now that's what I call delicate touch ^^

All of Zaku II's basic weapons are included. I used to think when Zaku Cannon was first announced months ago that this is going to be a MG without any hand-held weapons.

Almost all the exterior parts are new.

The conductive pipes features old-school ring-by-ring assembly method this time XD

Available on Hobby Search for 4,500 Yen (without tax). All images above are from the same website.

Also, more images of September merchandises from Bandai:

MG Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Zaku II

The Red Comet's Zaku II may look pinkish to many; but the Crimson Lighting is burning red!! Third Zaku II Ver 2.0 on my list ^^

HG 1/144 00 Gundam

Reverse GN Thrusters! Full!
Is that the function of the double GN Drive being rotated to the front? ^^;

Or is that some sort of weapon?

But the articulation of this HG is really unbeatable, especially considering that the price is just 1,000 Yen.

HCM-Pro 00 Gundam

Groovy floor-dancing pose XD
The HG version would be able to do if we can confirm that it has the two-piece thigh joints.

Tamama Foot Soldier Musha Robo

I really like the huge hand design, but the hollows on the palm aren't my cup of tea for sure.

Just when I thought the Mk. II series was awesome enough, seeing so many modes possible with this new Musha Robo easily changed my mind.

All images from The Gundam Base Side One.