Monday, March 31, 2008

God Keron

I used to think that the robot models of Keroro Gunsou are supposed to be follow-up merchandises from the alien frog anime series XD, especially for the recent God Keron.

But apparently, I was wrong ^^

Video clip from Youtube. Follow this link to Youtube if you can't see anything.

No matter how serious Keroro and his subordinates seem to be when they are fighting in God Keron as seen in the video clip, I just can't help but to laugh every time I watch it. I can see some connection with Gundam anime as well, for example, Crossbone Gundam's ABC (Anti-Beam Coating), God Gundam's Hyper Mode, and the rescue scene seems surprisingly similar to the the scene of Domon Kasshu saving Rain in Devil Gundam as well.

Even the movement of God Keron at the very beginning of the clip sounds familiar - it's the same mechanical sound of the MSs found in SEED and SEED Destiny! XD

I even see some references to GaoGaiGar ^^;

Attack! God Keron! XD
Image from Hobby Search.