Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 24

The Never-Ending Poem

The tragic fate of the crew on Ptolemaios continues...

The episode opens with the flashback where the four Meisters first met each others, which allows the deceased Lockon to appear again. Many of my friends (and including me) were hoping that he would survive like Mwu La Fallaga did in SEED Destiny, but from the reaction from the other members on Ptolemaios, it seems that miracle didn't happen this time.

The Mobile Armor shown in the last week's preview has been unveiled, piloted by the evil Alejandro Corner, and as expected, he attacks Ptolemaios, and caused some serious damage and casualties. What I didn't expect though, is that he would be go as far as working with the UN Forces to do so. The three Gundams worked hard to fight off both the threats of GN-Xs and Alejandro, and by the end of the episode, Tieria's Nadleeh and Allelujah's Kyrios are left heavily damaged...

On the other hand, the excitement of the combat scenes are shadowed by the death of at least three crew members on Ptolemaios :(

Other interesting points in this episode:
- Sumeragi slap
- Golden MA with GN Field
- Lichtendahl's family history
- Hallelujah strikes again
- Goodbye Patrick
- Android

More screen shots on Random Curiosity

You can watch this episode on Youku (with Chinese subtitle).

P/s: Still no sign of Graham Aker and his GN Drive-equipped Flag in this episode.