Thursday, March 06, 2008

PLAMO Review 29: MG Acguy Part 4

Today's review on MG Acguy will be the last in the series. While the intention of this review is to have fun with the big guy, I believe it's more like showing off some hidden abilities of Acguy. ^^;

I'll let Acguy to promote for himself here: ^^

(1) I'm taller, bigger and heavier than most other models

The conclusion is: I'm proportionately larger than the other MGs.

(2) I'm extremely stable for many 'high-risk maneuvers' XD

Unlike other models, I can stand firmly on one leg, and you don't have to worry much about me falling down. My body weight guarantees that XD

Look Char, no hand!

(3) My total number of parts is significantly less than other MGs

Among the six MGs shown here, I'm the one with the least parts - easy for panel-lining, but equally fun to assemble, that's for sure ^^

(4) My left and right arms are interchangeable!

Just rotate the joints of my upper arms for 180 degrees...

... and I'll get new left and right arms! ...

... Equally pose-able! Really, I no bluff you!

(5) I have retractable arms and legs!

1,2,1,2,1,2... Doing more stretching exercises is good for your health ^^

(6) I have the widest mono-eye camera movement range

Of course I have the widest mono-eye camera movement range, my head is the biggest of all MGs.

Although I don't have the combinational head-eye movement function as seen on Zaku II Ver. 2.0, adjusting my mono-eye camera is very simple nonetheless.
Just lift up my entire helmet and adjust it as you will.

(7) Two ways to access my pilot cockpit, which is two seated!

Only older MGs from the GP series (GP01, GP01Fb, and GP03S) have such function for their cockpits.

A backup seat for the pilot if he gets bored XD

(8) I have six effect parts, and spring action for my claws!

It's up to your creativity t have fun with the effects parts included ^^

Some 'additional functions' of my effect parts ^^;

(9) A customized display base, just for me!

Extra value for your money no doubt ^^

Guess what? There's an effect part included to mount the figure of the diver to my display base.

(10) I can perform plenty of action poses

Check out yesterday's review for even more of my action poses. ^^

(11) I'm the cutest of them all! ^^

Kenny is my good friend. Both of us have really big heads ^^ ...

... not anymore!
But seriously guys, can you think of another MG you can label as cute?

(12) My hands are most suitable for Chinese New Year greetings

Too bad Chinese New Year is over now >_<
Next year then...

(13) I have the most number of figures included

Even the figures come with their own tiny display bases (the children and the diver with a briefcase) and effect part (for the diver).

(14) Sitting down or kneeling is too easy for me

Now that's a huge advantage of models with no waist armor - just adjust my legs and I'm ready to perform some difficult action poses.

(15) Smaller models can sit on my head

Smaller models? Even MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0 can sit easily on my head ^^

So, ladies and gentlemen, unlike people in some other upcoming election who just know how to shake hands with the public and score their opponents, I've listed 15 reasons why I'm a superior MG, so please cast your vote for me as the best MG!

Don't forget to vote for me ^^

Well, that's all for the review on MG Acguy. Feel free to check out the first three parts as well:
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Visit Acguy's gallery for all the photos from the four parts of reviews and more, and thanks for reading as well. Till the next PLAMO review then ^^