Friday, March 14, 2008

HG GN Arms & Others

HG GN Arms is out!

Folks who are interested in this gigantic kit can find the content and construction manual on Hobby Search.

Images from Hobby Search.

HGGNArmsTransAm_01_s HGGNArmsTransAm_02_s
Images from Rakuten.

Also available now are the two Speed Grade models: God and Zeta Gundam.

SG_God_New_01_s SG_God_New_02_s
Images from Hobby Search.

Next up is Neena's Throne Drei in HG 1/144 format. As noted by Gundamaniac, I wonder what will Neena's role be in the remaining episodes of Gundam Double O with both her siblings killed last week.

HGThroneDreiNewPic_01_s HGThroneDreiNewPic_02_s
Images from Rakuten.

Finally, some lovely images of the upcoming MG Strike Gundam with Sword and Launcher packs, which was absent at the recent Miyazawa Model Exhibition.

MGSwordLauncherStrikeNew_01_s MGSwordLauncherStrikeNew_02_s MGSwordLauncherStrikeNew_03_s
In the anime, the success of Strike's Anti-vessel Sword inspired the design for the one used by Destiny Gundam. For the MG model development, it seems to be the other way round instead.

Awesome poses with the Beam Cannon, but I'm not sure if the display stand is included though - so far the description for this MG says no.

This picture would be perfect if Bandai could throw in the Aile pack, a Skygrapsher and a display stand (maybe I'm asking for too much? ^^;)
Images from Rakuten.