Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 22

Trans Am

After surviving the attack of GN-Xs last week, the crew of Ptolemaios get some well deserved rest. We get to see Lockon recovered but with an eye-patch now. On Earth, Team Trinity escaped the attack of Sergei's team of GN-Xs. But the worse for them came later when they were visited by the most homicidal character in this anime, Ali Al Sanchez. After some dreaded fights, Exia came to the rescue, and a surprise for Setsuna as well. The Trans Am mode of his Gundam was activated and for the first time, Setsuna surpasses his nemesis, even though the fight is likely to continue next week.

Wow, a lot happen this week. We get to see some intimate moments among the crew of Ptolemaios regarding Lockon's injury, especially from the usually-very-cool Tieria. It was Lockon who saved his life last week anyway. Also, it was not revealed whether his right eye is really blind, so the eye-patch may be just there until he fully recovers. A new character was also introduced, a doctor on Ptolemaios called Moleno. But I hope we don't have to see him again though, because that would mean another Meister is in trouble ^^;

On Earth, some really miserable misfortunes happen to Team Trinity, and no, I'm not referring to their continuous defeats at the hands of Sergei and Soma. When you get to see Ali Al Sanchez appearing, you know somebody's going to die again.

On the moon, Alejandro Corner and Ribbons continue their plot in Veda. We finally get to see his murderous intention this week, but plans didn't work as he predicted, as his action helps to activate Exia's Trans Am mode instead. For me, the so called Trans Am mode is a bit similar to Zeta's Bio-sensor system, or Unicorn's Destroy Mode, where the Gundam gets a short period of 'God Mode'. Extremely fast; extremely agile; and extremely deadly, whoever stands in its way will suffer its wrath (sound like WarCraft ^^;). Anyway, while the fight scene featuring Exia's Trans Am mode is extremely coolsome to watch, whether such hidden ability of Exia will have any negative effect on the pilot remains a question.

Other interesting points in this episodes:
- GN Arms docking
- Fallen Angels
- GN Drive on Graham's Flag! YES!!
- Laguna Harvey's killer
- Good bye Michael and Johann
- Gundam hijacked!
- Aeolia Schenberg returns

Complete view of Exia in "Trans Am" mode here.

More screen shots available on Random Curiosity.

You can watch this episode on Youku (with Chinese subtitle).