Monday, March 24, 2008

HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Zwei & SG Zeta

A completed HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Zwei on Lifezoids.

Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_01_s Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_02_s
Since Lifezoids's Throne Zwei is a straight-assembled model, you get to know how much and where to paint if you want yours to resemble exactly as seen in the anime.

Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_03_s Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_04_s
The edge of the huge sword needs some serious painting to look menacing ^^;

Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_05_s Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_06_s
The purpose of the split on the sword seems to be for emitting GN particles, as according to the manual of the model.

Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_07_s Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_08_s
There's an 'extra' grip inside the body of the sword ^^
There's no beam part included for Throne Zwei, and he'll need to borrow that part from Virtue.

The ability to dock with his brother's Throne Eins is one of the major attractions for getting this kit (and Neena's Throne Drei) I suppose?

Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_10_s Lifezoids_ThroneZwei_11_s
A 'hidden' bonus of Throne Zwei! ^^
Images from Lifezoids.

Also, folks who are interested in Speed Grade 1/200 Zeta can have a look at the photo review on Taste.

With the level of details and accuracy of the color molded for this model, you really can't see it's just a 9cm tall model from these pictures, can you?

Taste_SG_Zeta_02_s Taste_SG_Zeta_03_s
The articulation is quite good for such a small model, but the waist is unmovable.

With the display base included, this SG Zeta sure is a nice little accessory on your table ^^
Images from Taste.