Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Patrick Lives

I saw the posting on Gundamaniac, and almost laughed my head off thinking about it afterward.

That's really one hell of a way to be still alive XD
Noted much earlier by Mike Abundo.

Then again, did Patrick really survive?


The answer above, according to Gundam Double O Official File 4 refers to Patrick's definite survival. Check out Kouryakukan's blog for the original Japanese text.

Magazine cover for Gundam Double O Official File 4 from Amazon Japan.

Damn you Patrick, you are really lucky XD

On the other hand, some other not-so-funny information regarding the story (spoilers ahead - highlight to read at your own risk):
- Nadleeh after the simultaneous shooting scene becomes combat incompetent
- Ali Al Sanchez's fate is unknown. i.e. he might not be dead after all X_X
- Alenjadro's golden MA is called Aruvatore (アルヴァトーレ)
- Ribbons will have the ability to seize VEDA
- Pseudo solar reactor technology was discovered 80 years ago from the purple Haro retrieved.

(Translation of Kouryakukan's blog through Google Translate with a bit of grammar correction)

Sorry, but there are some other translation I can't make out though ^^;

Now I believe you're really the Ace you claim you are - you just can't be killed, can you? XD