Friday, March 21, 2008

MG Strike Gundam with Sword and Launcher Packs & Others

Images of new Gunplas and other models coming in April from The Gundam Base Side One:

MG Strike Gundam with Sword and Launcher Packs

GBS1_MG_SwordLauncher_03_s GBS1_MG_SwordLauncher_04_s
GBS1_MG_SwordLauncher_01_s GBS1_MG_SwordLauncher_02_s
GBS1_MG_SwordLauncher_05_s GBS1_MG_SwordLauncher_06_s
GBS1_MG_SwordLauncher_07_s GBS1_MG_SwordLauncher_08_s
The huge anti-ship sword is extremely tempting, but with the price tag of 5,000 Yen, are you going to fall (again) for this MG Strike? ^^;

HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Drei

GBS1_HG_Throne_Drei_01_s GBS1_HG_Throne_Drei_02_s
GBS1_HG_Throne_Drei_03_s GBS1_HG_Throne_Drei_04_s
GBS1_HG_Throne_Drei_05_s GBS1_HG_Throne_Drei_06_s
Like her two siblings' Gundams, this Throne Drei requires quite a lot of painting to resemble the official paint scheme.
The display base used, Action Base 02 sparkle red ver. will also be available in April.

BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei Re-GZ

GBS1_Sangokuden_Koumei_01_s GBS1_Sangokuden_Koumei_02_s
GBS1_Sangokuden_Koumei_03_s GBS1_Sangokuden_Koumei_04_s
Koumei's fan is an extremely creative design. I wonder if the transparent support rod is included to mount the falcon to the back of this model.

R3 1/100 Walker Galliar

GBS1_R3_WalkerGalliar_01_s GBS1_R3_WalkerGalliar_02_s
GBS1_R3_WalkerGalliar_03_s GBS1_R3_WalkerGalliar_04_s
GBS1_R3_WalkerGalliar_05_s GBS1_R3_WalkerGalliar_06_s
GBS1_R3_WalkerGalliar_07_s GBS1_R3_WalkerGalliar_08_s
Plenty of nifty action poses for this fatso mecha XD

Keroro Gunsou Plamo Collection Quack Doctor Kululu - called Kururu Barber-Surgeon on Hobby Search.

GBS1_Kululu_Doctor_01_s GBS1_Kululu_Doctor_02_s
Heavy armed Kururu? XD

All images from The Gundam Base Side One.