Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Miscellaneous Updates on Upcoming Gundam Merchandises EDITED

EDITED: Edited information on HG 1/144 Overflag

HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Zwei and Overflag are now available on Hobby Search!

The part to connect to Throne Eins to form the High Mega Launcher is also included. Collect Neena's Throne Drei to complete the picture ^^

Looks like only one type of rifle is included. 1,200 Yen seems to be a bit too expensive now... ^^;
Sorry everyone, my mistake ^^; Actually both the rifle are included ^^;
Thanks to creid for the comment ^^
Images from Hobby Search.

Next up are some really sweet images of HG 1/144 Gundam Nadleeh from The Gundam Base Side One ^^

GBS1_HGNadleeh_01_s GBS1_HGNadleeh_02_s
GBS1_HGNadleeh_03_s GBS1_HGNadleeh_04_s
GBS1_HGNadleeh_05_s GBS1_HGNadleeh_06_s
We are going to see that beam rifle and shield in this week's episode, but hopefully it won't be the last time we see them too.

GBS1_HGNadleeh_08_s GBS1_HGNadleeh_07_s
From the look of it, the Twin GN Cannons are different from that included in HG 1/144 Virtue. So I believe this earliest weapon deployed by Nadleeh is included in this kit as well.

GBS1_HGNadleeh_09_s GBS1_HGNadleeh_10_s
Due to the lack of armor, Nadleeh is extremely articulate and can perform plenty of awesome action. I wonder whether such articulation is also available for my 1/100 Virtue? ^^;
Images from The Gundam Base Side One.

Folks who are deeply in love with Gundam Double O can also consider the following merchandises:

Tiny Voice Gundam Double O - tiny Gundam Double O characters with voice effect. Not sure what is the line of dialogue or sound effect for each of them though. Each box comes with 10 figures and is priced at 7,000 Yen. Available in late March.

Image from Amiami.

H.G.C.O.R.E EX Plus Gundam 00 - As with all gashapon Gundam figures, each one of these Ex Plus gashapon comes with some minor changes, which is then counted as a different version in the series. Hardcore fans will have to collect all of them (which in some cases may seem like repetitive purchases ^^;) to complete the series. With that said, there are nine 'different' MSs included for this gashapon series, including all the four Gundams in regular and Ex paint scheme for each of them, plus Tieren High Mobility Type. Some other features include the GN Armors can be folded for Dynames, two types of tail missile equipments for Kyrios, normal and expanded GN Particle Emitters for Virtue.

There are 12 included in a box, and is priced at 6,000 Yen. Check for more information on Amiami.

Image from Toysdaily.

Another not-so-new Gundam merchandise is HCM-Pro Gouf Custom.

GBS1_HCMPro_GoufCustom_01_s GBS1_HCMPro_GoufCustom_02_s
A special part is included for you to hang this Zeon mecha on your wall. XD Folks who watched The 08th MS Team should be very familiar with that particular scene.
Images from The Gundam Base Side One.

On the other hand, a new image of BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei Re-GZ which will be available next month at 630 Yen.

Image from Toysdaily.