Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gundam Double O Updates

Bits of updates for the remaining episodes of Gundam Double O from Newtype Magazine scans:

NewType_Lockon_01_s NewType_Lockon_02_s
Lockon after Episode 21 - Thank goodness he didn't die ^^; From the looks of it, he's going to fight till the end despite his injury...

Exia's "Trans Am" mode - to be used with GN Arms.
Image from SRW Hotnews.

The titles of the last four episodes are as below (from
Episode 22: Trans Am
Episode 23: The World Stopped
Episode 24: Endless Poem

If not mistaken, Episode 25's title will be 'Setsuna'.

Finally, more images of HG 1/144 Overflag coming in this month.

Apart from the new rifle, special marking seals of the Overflag team are also included. I can predict some people are going to buy three to build Graham Aker's team already ^^
Images from Bandai Hobbysite.