Friday, March 07, 2008

MSIA Gundam Double O & Others

Three Gundam Double O mecha in Mobile Suit in Action format spotted on Amiami (also mentioned on Marvin's Gundamaniac):

Gundam Throne Zwei - Late May release, 2,626 Yen

MIA_ThroneZwei_01_s MIA_ThroneZwei_02_s
The head is amazingly ugly ^^; like it's being squashed or something ^^;

Gundam Throne Drei - June release, 2,626 Yen

MIA_ThroneDrei_01_s MIA_ThroneDrei_02_s
While I'm generally not interested in these two MSIAs, Neena's Throne Drei allows us to have a look at the mecha design of the huge shoulder and backpack panels. Hopefully the Gunpla version coming in next month can be as detailed as this MSIA.

Tieren Ground Type - June release, 1,890 Yen

MIA_Tieren_01_s MIA_Tieren_02_s MIA_Tieren_04_s
The best among the three MSIAs mentioned today? ^^;

On the other hand, some design sketches and settings for the upcoming Gundam merchandises in April:

1-100 Gundam Astraea - I wonder if you can mount both the GN Sword from 1/100 Exia and the proto GN Sword from this kit itself onto the completed Astraea. That would be very awe-inspiring don't you think? ^^

1/144 Nadleeh comes with a shield and a beam rifle as well. New weapons he is going to use in the final battle?

1/144 Throne Drei - if not mistaken, the text in the image says that the shoulder panels use part-swapping to display its GN particle emitting function.

MG Gelgoog Mass Productive Type Gelgoog Ver. 2.0 - The beam rifle seems new, or is it the one for Char's with added grenade launcher and new targeting sensor? Why can't Bandai throw in the huge beam machine gun as seen in the first MG MS-14A?

MG Strike with Launcher and Sword packs - the settings of the new packs are actually the downsized version of the proposed PG release (see the initial design sketches included in the Instruction Manual of PG Skygraspher on Dalong).

BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei Re-GZ - strange inscription on the scroll included ^^;

Images from Toysdaily.

God Keron is now available on Hobby Search! ^^

Apart from the beam sabers, display stand and cape, the large number of parts for me to get this kit.
Image from Hobby Search.

For those of you who collect gashapon, HGCore Gundam 4 is coming in June.

All eight types: Strike Freedom (two modes), Legend, Exia, Astraea, Astraea Type F, Overflag and Graham's Customized Flag.
Image from Toysdaily.

Another few sets of gashapon, and very special ones as well: Gundam Weapon pens XD

You collect all eight components of a particular weapon and assemble them into a pen! XD Very creative indeed. Available in August.
Image from Toysdaily.