Thursday, March 20, 2008

StarCraft II - The Zerg

After the introduction on the Terran and Protoss, StarCraft II is now revealing units for the Zerg!

In StarCraft II, the Zerg is revealed with many identical units as in the first version. Units like the Hydralisk and Mutalisk are the first two to be revealed, and they pretty much remained the same as how they appeared to be in the past. From the description in their respective pages, it seems that they didn't receive any 'power-up', or in the Zerg's term, evolution at all. From some of the screen shots on the websites, units like the Zergling, Overlord and Ultralisk will also be featured in StarCraft II.

Hydralisk rush!! Nightmarish scene if you're playing the Protoss side here.

StarCraft2ScreenShot_02_s StarCraft2ScreenShot_03_s
I always feel that the Hydralisk looks similar to Alien Warrior because of their double jaw. But the concept design of this unit from Blizzard pulls it closer to resemble the Predator instead.

The Zerg is my preferred race for this game actually. I think the race have the strongest defense at the initial stage, as it's easy to build Sunken Colonies around your base at the very beginning of a game, which can deal 40 damage points to ground units, as compared to 20 from Protoss's Photon Cannon and Terran's Bunker which requires soldiers to be inside them in order to have any effect. My gameplay was normally to have many Sunken Colonies first for defense while concentrating on building Mutalisk and evolving them into Guardians for some serious long range air firepower for my assault later on.

Oops, sorry for my nostalgic indulgence over this game there. ^^;

Protoss Carrier, Phoenix and Warp Ray versus a bunch of Mutalisk and Corruptor, a new Zerg air unit.

Mutalisk massacring a Terran base.

Unless there are some heavy reinforcement and air support coming, this Terran base is doomed ^^;

From the conclusion of StarCraft: Brood War, the Zerg was the final victor in the conflict of the three races, with Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades becoming the dominant power in the Universe. I wonder how the story in StarCraft II will continue with her legacy left unchallenged nearly 10 years ago. What will sparkle the conflict between the three races again? and what major combat will rock the universe again?

StarCraft II... highly anticipating ^^

The behemoth Ultralisk in action!

Unknown Zerg units again. Also, note how effective some units can be in their attack while they remain on higher ground, especially the Protoss's Colossus.

Terran's Siege Tank is given an upgrade in terms of its size ^^

Very beautiful mineral mine.

You can have a look at the complete list of the Zerg's units in StarCraft II (including many new units) on IGN.

StarCraft II gameplay demonstration for the Zerg. Video clip from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

All images from StarCraft II official site.