Saturday, March 01, 2008

Revoltech Gurren Lagann

Folks who visited Wonder Festival 2008 in Japan not only get to see many beautiful nose-bleeding figurines, they get to buy the extremely hot-blooded Revoltech Gurren Lagann Special Early Release version. Those who missed that event may be saved from all the lost of blood, ^^; but will have to wait for another two months before you can get your hands on this awesome figure.

So envious of those Japanese ^^;

Revol_GurrenLagann_WF-21_01_s Revol_GurrenLagann_WF-21_02_s
It even comes with a special red beg :)

Revol_GurrenLagann_WF-21_04_s Revol_GurrenLagann_WF-21_05_s
Revol_GurrenLagann_WF-21_06_s Revol_GurrenLagann_WF-21_07_s

All images (and more) from Climax F.