Saturday, March 29, 2008

MS IgLoo 2

The news was on Gunota Headlines quite some time ago actually: A new series of MS IgLoo will be coming soon, called Gravity Of The Battlefront.

Awesome promo pic O_O
Also, folks who own an MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 should be able to recognize the details of the Zaku Machine Gun's supporting handle and targeting sensor are designed after that MG. Nice!
Image from the official site.

This time, the setting will be on Earth, and it will be told from the Earth Federation's point of view. As with the first two series, Gravity of the Battlefront will features three episodes of 30-minute CG animation in high definition, and "will be of a higher quality than that seen in the previous production" - from Gunota Headlines. Staff members who worked on the previous series like Yutaka Izubuchi, Kimitoshi Yamane, Takuhito Kusanagi, Shinji Aramaki and Fumihiro Katagai are back, and their involvement pretty much guarantee the quality promised for this new series of IgLoo.

On the other hand, the previous installments of MS IGLOO will also get their Blu-Ray releases (as if their quality are not great enough already ^^;): August 22 for The Hidden One Year War and September 26 for Apocalypse 0079. Additionally, The Hidden One Year War, having been previously available in Japan only in limited DVD release, will finally be available there on a standard DVD release on June 25.

As for the corresponding merchandises, the 6th and 7th UC Hardgraph sets were being announced. They are Earth Federation Semovente Corps Set, featuring Type 61 Tank with three figures and a Zeon set featuring the amphibious, wheeled reconnaissance vehicle "Wiesel" respectively. Their price and release date are not available at the moment though.

Earth Federation's Type 61 Tank

Zeon's "Wiesel"
Both images were available in one of my previous postings many moons ago if you recall ^^