Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gunpla Box Set Again EDITED

EDITED: Added images of God Keron set.

Looks like Bandai isn't done with their Gunpla box set strategy yet. ^^; We had one HGUC box set in February, three SD sets this month, and another one next month. BB Senshi Sangokuden Sousou Gundam and Shibai Sazabi will be featured in the box set, with both of them molded in clear color and come with two image boards.

Images from HLJ.

The box set is called The Battle of Guandu, most probably a famous scene from the story of BB Senshi Sangokuden. In the original story, Shi Ma Yi (Shibai Sazabi) only became one of Cao Cao (Sousou Gundam)'s adversers years after the Battle of Guandu.

If you're interested to know the actual Battle of Guandu, you can watch the Flash animation of it on Buo Xue (with English subtitle).

This box set is priced at 1,260 Yen. If you're still wondering how it's going to look like, especially about the image boards, you can refer to the first box set of the series, Oath at the Peach Garden.

On the other hand, after Musha Keroro and Tamama Foot Soldier, the next Keroro Gunsou model is Kururu Barber-Surgeon. Also an April release, at 600 Yen.

Image from Hobby Search.

Also, after Action Display Base 2 Sparkle Green version was released some time ago for your Gundam Double O models, the Sparkle Red version will be available next month at 525 Yen, especially designed for your Team Trinity Gunplas.

EDITED: God Keron set to be available this month:

Images from Space Diary of the Captain.

Looks like the beam sabers included have some sparkle powder (is that how you call them? ^^;) in them, just like the beam sabers and boomerangs for MG Destiny Gundam. Nice~